Train services rescheduled after crash in Berlin

As of: May 22, 2024 10:33 pm

A woman and a child were struck by ICE in Berlin, according to the fire department. The woman died and the child was seriously injured. Parts of the main station were temporarily closed.

A woman and a small child fell under an incoming ICE train at Berlin Central Station on Wednesday evening. The woman died at the railway station and the critically injured child was airlifted to hospital by rescue helicopter, the central and state police announced in the evening.

Train services are back on schedule

In the evening the background is still unclear. A large number of police and rescue personnel were rushed to the spot. According to the police, eyewitnesses will be interviewed and video footage will also be evaluated. Parts of Berlin Central Station were temporarily closed.

All tracks at the main station were reopened for train traffic on Wednesday evening, as announced by the Railways at X. S-Bahn and train services were affected for several hours due to the accident. There were delays, cancellations and last-minute route changes.

The police spokesperson said that suicide cannot be ruled out. The clues are currently being verified. Psychological support will be provided to the witnesses of the accident.

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