Trausdorf boarded the “youth taxi.”

“The mobility and traffic safety of our young people is very important to us, because we decided to join the youth taxi – every euro is well invested here,” says Mayor Andreas Rotb├╝hler, who was pleased with the unanimous decision of the local council.

In January 2007, the Chamber of Commerce and the state government launched the “Youth Taxi Burgenland” project. “We are amazed by the success of this campaign, there is a huge response among young people,” says Hubert Bleich, chairman of the taxi expert group at the Chamber of Commerce.

“A big thank you also to Project Communities for sponsoring taxi rides and helping young people have safe and flexible mobility.” You can easily and conveniently pay for Youth Taxi through an app on your cell phone.

149 municipalities in Burgenland now participate in the project, which is unique in Europe, as young people always order a taxi together, avoiding trips, making a valuable contribution to mobility, traffic safety and climate protection.

More information about Youth Taxi: Burgenland Chamber of Commerce, Bernhard Dillhof, T 05/90 907-3523,

Bernhard Dillhoff (Chamber of Commerce), Youth Councilor Laura Groer, Mayor Andreas Rottbuller, Hubert Bleich

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