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From the end of the year, all cell phones must have a single charging port

No cable clutter: From the end of the year, all smartphones, digital cameras, headphones, tablets and video game consoles must have standard charging ports. A related amendment to the Radio Equipment Market Surveillance Act was unanimously passed by the National Council on Wednesday. From the end of April 2026, the requirements will also apply to notebooks. It implements an EU directive.

The EU Commission and the EU Parliament have been developing uniform regulations for chargers for over fifteen years. For the first time in 2009, the Commission agreed with most manufacturers on uniform standards in a declaration of intent. However, these are not mandatory and Apple, now the world’s second largest smartphone manufacturer, does not participate. The contract expired in 2014. With the EU directive due to be passed in October 2022, Apple will also have to adhere to standardized plugs. Specifically, starting December 28, most devices affected by the regulations must have a USB-C port.

The new requirements are intended to reduce e-waste in the EU by 1,000 tonnes annually and save thousands of tonnes of CO2. After all, the commission expects consumers to use their cables longer and buy fewer chargers. So far they are spending around 250 million euros a year on chargers that they don’t really need.

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