Vienna's Concrete Injection celebrates its anniversary and shares

Old Danube, more than 60,000 square meters of green space and countless flowers: from whom Danube Tower It's hard to imagine how unattractive the present-day Tonapark area of ​​the 22nd arrondissement once was.

Next to one Terrain Part of the area was taken over by “Brettledorf”, which was denounced as the “Kaisermühlen slum”.

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First the Vienna International location search Garden show 1964, abbreviated as WIG64, brought political attention to the region – fortunately, the region made enormous progress.

A vital and contemporary historical testimony

Millions of flowers were planted, gardens and lakes were created Lilliputpan and A The chair was built. WIG's proud symbol, the Danube Tower, On April 16, 1964, the then mayor of Vienna Franz Jonas And Federal President Adolf Scharf was opened.

Construction began in October 1962 and took place over a period of about 20 months and the opening ceremony was held on April 16, 1964 as part of the Vienna International Garden Exhibition (WIG).

The Danube Tower 17,600 tonnes Heavy and 252 meters high. The lift ride takes 35 seconds.

The stairs have 779 levels. Visibility in good weather is 80 km.

On average, the Danube Tower is 6 Marriage proposals Prepared for the week, Tower Restaurant has 4 each day Birthday Tables.

The Danube Slide is 165 meters high and 40 meters long. One sliding area Lasts 7 to 9 seconds and speeds up to 18 kmph.

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There is the Danube Tower Private property (Blaguss Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH, Gilbert Leeb Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH, SMILE GmbH Guntram Fessler, Mag. Matthias Kamp and Stephan Kreissler), in 2020 Wien Holding acquired a 25 percent stake.

“The Danube Tower today Milestone and part of Vienna's contemporary history,” says the city councilor for finance Peter Hanke (SPÖ) for its 60th anniversary.

At 252 meters high, it is Austria's tallest building and has been under construction since 2001 Conservation of monuments And the effect is Planning policy in the wake of the post-World War II period.

Jump, slide, climb, climb

From the architect Hannes Lintl Modeled after television towers in other cities, construction took about 20 months. Unlike its predecessors, the Danube Tower was not used as a television broadcasting facility, but from the very beginning. A leisure attraction: 23 million people have visited the tower since its opening.

Over time, the landmark reinvented itself again and again: from the staircase to the Danube tower above Bungee jumping (2001 to 2016) For revolving tower restaurants. In 2018, extensive modernization took place, including the return of the catering industry 1960s style.

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In 2023 there was the Danube TowerSlide The tallest slide in Europe was opened by renowned object artist Carsten Höller.

Viewership is still below pre-corona levels

However, the number of visitors has not yet reached pre-corona levels 420,000 visits. If you ask, you will be asked how many viewers were counted in 2023 don't sayBut speaks of “several 100,000”.

the sea Roman BauerThe new managing director from April said tourism forecasts are “very good” and that recovery from the pandemic will take longer than the hotel sector.

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The Vienna Danube Tower has been in place since 2015 Property A group of investors bought it in 2020 City-owned Vienna Holding 25 percent stake in Danube Tower. “We will help ensure that the Danube Tower remains one of Vienna's main attractions for decades to come,” he promises. Kurt GolovitzerManaging Director of Wien Holdings.

Half of the Danube Tower visitors are tourists from Germany, Italy, Arab countries, Poland and Romania.

How to attract more Vienna to the tower

There are already ideas to attract more Viennese: the Donaubräu restaurant should expand its offerings for families, and is being considered. tourism In the park and your own honey.

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According to Bauer, a visit to the Danube Tower is powerful for many and they want to get away from it. Occasional That is for birthdays and other celebrations: “We don't want to go in the direction of a gastronomic offer Award winning kitchen go It should appeal to everyone.”

Year-round, but by 2025, visitor numbers are expected to return to pre-pandemic levels.

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