“William will be anchor for kids after Kate's cancer diagnosis”

After weeks of speculation about his health, Princess Kate He addressed the public in a video message on Friday evening. He underwent stomach surgery in mid-January and has not been seen in public since. The 42-year-old said tests conducted after the surgery revealed the presence of cancer. On the advice of his medical team, he is being given chemotherapy as a precaution.

In her video, which was recorded sitting on a bench in a garden, Kate said she needed time. Time to recover from surgery so she can start treatment. But most of all, it's time to give it to her three children Prince George (10), Princess Charlotte (8) and Prince Louis (5) Explain. Reassure them that she will be okay again. Now might be a good time as the kids are out of school for Easter. Kate asked her family for privacy. and her husband, was appointed heir to the throne Prince WilliamAn important support.

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William will now be an “anchor” to the children, she says Ailsa AndersonFormer Press Secretary Queen Elizabeth. “They're protecting their children, their well-being is the most important thing to them,” Anderson said in an interview with America.People– Magazine. Anderson said Kate's announcement on Friday had “moved everyone. There are three million people living with cancer in Britain and it will touch them deeply”.

Regarding conspiracy theories circulating online during the princess's absence, Anderson said: “People who are malicious on social media should reconsider what they post.” Empathy is key. “No one knows what is going on in another person's private life (…) How can you not be compassionate?” Anderson says. Kate “is not only the oldest member of the royal family, but also the mother of young children – she is very young. I believe that the whole world will think of her.”

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“The Spectator”: The monarchy looks exhausted and vulnerable

British Sunday newspaper the observer The monarchy faces a challenge: “Princess Kate's key role in maintaining the 'establishment' may be felt at Buckingham Palace in her future absence from public engagements. The king is also inactive – like Kate, the nature of his cancer has not been disclosed – and two princes are self-imposed or forced into exile, already allegedly 'deprived.' “The monarchy is beginning to look tired, overwhelmed and vulnerable,” a report said. However, “now is not the time for republicans to reopen the debate on the future of the monarchy. That has to happen in due course. But not now.”

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Kate must now finally be allowed to recover in peace: “Now Princess Kate and her family deserve privacy, time and private space so that she can fully recover. They deserve this too. Cancer charities are closed” and her openness about her illness is rightly acknowledged. “After weeks of unfair and sometimes malicious speculation in the media and international press, Princess Kate has shown admirable transparency,” he writes. the observer.

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