▷ Gasthaus Haberl celebrates 100 years – News – 2024

It is a traditional one Generation houses, which is becoming increasingly rare in Austria. Only rarely do the next generation of restaurateurs decide to stay in business. Not so at Walkersdorf in Styria: there Since 1924 Family history was written. The Haberle Inn is celebrating its anniversary and looking back on the past hundred years.

In family hands for 100 years

“At the Haberl Inn, Hans Peter Fink has been cooking at a consistently high level for many years.” However, Haberl was already at this high level before Fink’s actions—and it started as a result Josepha and “Joseph I” Haberl A hundred years ago we decided to turn what was once a farm with a bar into an inn. Since then, the company has been run by different personalities but remains in the same position Always family owned. With each handover, the inn grew, renovated and further improved. Haberle is especially famous for its lively parties with live music, and countless weddings have been celebrated. At the same time, the house’s à la carte offering was further enhanced.

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