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In the current Gault&Millau hotel guide “The Amauris Vienna” was named as the Hotel New Start of the Year. One of the reasons for the choice is the high gastronomic standard of the glasswing restaurant (three toques). Fine cuisine by Executive Chef Alexandru Simon, accompanied by fine wines by Sommelier Max Populorum. We asked the wine expert to speak and got some amazing insights into his world of wine.

You come from a family of restaurateurs. What ultimately led you to enter the industry?
Growing up in a family that has been in the catering business for three generations, I was involved in the hospitality industry from an early age. I learned to tap beer at an early age, played cards with the regulars, and learned the ins and outs of surgery. This close association with the hospitality industry enabled me to take on the role of a host early on and learn many aspects of our industry. Through direct contact with people of different origins and cultures and diverse workplaces, I gained a deeper insight into the fascinating world of gastronomy.

What have been the most rewarding experiences of your career so far?
Without a doubt, the most memorable moment was when I worked at the Olympic Games in South Korea. The experience was simply incredible as I had the opportunity to participate in such a prestigious event. It was interesting to see how the catering industry works at this level and how it ensures the smooth running of such an event which is not normally open to the public.

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Which wine regions are closest to your heart?
Austrian wine regions offer a fascinating diversity and complexity that always inspires me. From the steep terraces of Wacha to the sun-drenched slopes of Burgenland, there are plenty of terroirs and grape varieties to explore and enjoy.

What wine can’t go out in Glasswing?
Ebner-Ebnauer Sekt Zero Dosage is a must-have wine at the glasswing. Its fine craftsmanship and refined balance make it a sparkling wine of the highest caliber and a perfect start to the evening.

Give us an insight into your work: When a new menu is being prepared, how do you put together the wine pairings?
After a long day at work, Executive Chef Simon and I often meet to discuss the best wine pairings for our new menu. We sit together, open a nice bottle of wine and exchange ideas about which wines go best with new dishes. It is always a creative and enjoyable session where we ensure that our guests get the best of the best.

Do you have a once-in-a-lifetime wine? A particular wine from a particular vintage that you will never forget?
Arbois Domaine Houillon Overnoy 2012 has a very special meaning for me. Apart from its rarity and exclusivity, it reminds me of an unforgettable moment I shared with close friends. It’s not just the wine that attracts, but the atmosphere and conversations that make this moment unforgettable. Every time I think about this wine, these memories come back to life.

What drinks do you prefer to complement your wine pairing?
Cocktails and mocktails are my go-to for mixing wine pairings. Their versatility allows you to explore different flavors and textures and adapt them to your dishes. It adds momentum to the culinary adventure and opens up a range of taste experiences for guests.

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What is your perfect match with the current card? Which wine goes best with which food?
Norwegian Lobster with Cauliflower and Caviar is a real delicacy on our menu and one of the gourmet dishes at Glasswing. I recommend the white wine from the Rosie Schuster winery “Aus den Dorfen Weiss”. Its delicate aroma and mild acidity go perfectly with the delicate flavor nuances of Norwegian lobster and cauliflower. The elegant texture of the wine complements the food.

What are the cutest moments you have had as a sommelier at Glasswing Restaurant?
I experience many unique moments in my position. I always enjoy watching guests surprise themselves with a wine that exceeds their expectations or they would never have chosen themselves. I also value the opportunity to talk about wine with our guests – these interactions and enjoying it together make these moments special for me.

Tell us some treasures from the wine list from more mature years.
In our wine list you will find some remarkable treasures from different vintages. These include the 2000 Grüner Veldliner Reserve from Alzinger from Wachau, which impresses with its complexity and elegance. Similarly, the 1990 Chateau Mouton Rothschild offers an unparalleled experience with its sophisticated structure and ripe aromas. For those who like wines with character, I recommend the 2010 Les Chalasses Vieiles Vignes from Canevat. These selected wines are a real enrichment to our wine list.

What are the latest wine discoveries we should try ASAP?
As I buy a lot of wines from small wineries, our wine list changes weekly – so you have to be quick. Recent achievements bring an exciting selection from Jura. Wines made from lesser-known grape varieties such as Savagnin, Poulsard and Trousseau, guests can take a break from the usual.

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