A 14-year-old boy drove a stolen car into a light pole and tree in Vienna

Car keys were stolen from the locker room of the sports hall.

A 14 years old Saturday afternoon in the dressing room of a sports hall in Vienna-Meitling Car keys were stolen, stole the car parked in front and went on a joyride through town. The vehicle owner was able to locate his car using the app. The teenager wanted to run away from the police, who soon came looking for him. A pole and a tree managed to escape and the boy suffered minor injuries.

The boy took other items from the locker room — the sports hall belonged to his former school — in addition to the car keys wallet with. “When the vehicle owner came into the dressing room and noticed that the valuables were missing, he called the police emergency number. The 55-year-old told officers that he could locate his vehicle using the app. The call was made immediately. Instant search after the vehicle,” said police spokeswoman Julia Schick.

Several district forces were involved in the search operation. When the 14-year-old became aware of the police, he partially drove away High speed through the streets. He lost control in the Hohenbergstrasse area Crashed into a pole and a tree. Even then, he tried to run away, but the police stopped him shortly.

A 14-year-old boy was provisionally arrested on suspicion of theft and endangering physical safety, among other offences. Arrest. “The young man was then taken to hospital for outpatient care with the Vienna Professional Rescue Service, but was released a short time later due to his minor injuries,” the spokesman said. After his trial, the Vienna public prosecutor's office ordered Advertising Bigger.

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