Business Talk with Judith Havasi

Judit Havasi, General Director of DONAU Insurance Austria © Ian Ehm

What does your work as General Director at DONAU Versicherung mean, Ms. Hawasi?

Judith Hawasi: It is an exciting and varied task. Insurance touches all areas of life. For me, working with people is very important. I am familiar with the DONAU teams in all federal states, including Burgenland. Commitment to our customersA colleague pulls inInside out. The region is the center of the DONAU. We create jobs, provide excellent training and provide security to our customers. The best team in Burgenland does this very well. We make this clear with the new state headquarters in Eisenstadt.

Working with people is very different. What requirements should you have for this?

The DONAU offers many opportunities. We're not just looking for insurance professionals – we're also looking for communication career changers with lots of life and professional experience. Meeting people openly, understanding their queries and concerns, and providing them with the right coverage – this is what comprehensive customer orientation requires. Work as an insurance and pension consultant allows you to combine work and personal life thanks to flexible scheduling – which opens up wonderful perspectives.

The insurance industry is a highly competitive market. How do you feel about this in your daily work?

Digitization has come to the fore. We also have new opportunities for collaboration and new ways to communicate with our customers. Consultations can be conducted online and are digitally supported for completion. At the same time, we are attentive and rely on personal contact. In everyday work life, digitization makes many things possible that were unthinkable just a few years ago.

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How have insurance products changed in recent years and where are they headed in the future?

When it comes to basic products, there is a trend towards online transactions. With WohnenNext DONAU has introduced a fast policy in Austria. With just a few clicks you can, for example: take out whole family insurance online and minutes later the policy will arrive in your email inbox.
When it comes to prevention, we believe in personal advice. Planning a personal retirement plan requires exploring the options for each individual and finding the best solution. We continue to see strong interest and double-digit growth in health insurance.
Cyber ​​insurance is becoming increasingly important for private households – the past year has shown that the threat continues to grow and that cyber insurance can mitigate the financial consequences of a digital break-in.

Judit Hawasi has been with VIG Group since 2000. Prior to his appointment to the board of Wiener Statische in 2009, he was a board member of Union Pistozito in Hungary. In January 2016, he became a member of the Board of Directors of Vienna Insurance Group. At the beginning of 2020, Havasi was appointed CEO of DONAU Versicherung.

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