A fatal skiing accident in Tyrol, an injury in Carinthia and a resurrection in Upper Austria

A A 14-year-old Dutchman He was involved in a skiing accident on Tuesday Tyrol He lost his life. According to police, the teenager was driving in the ski area Hochchots At 1:50 pm the red runway number 4 came into the area “Kuhtileban” Valley Station fell about 25 meters over the edge of the piste and onto a steep embankment, where he was seriously injured.

A nearby skier found the victim. He called for help and boarded the injured man. A lift attendant and another skier administered first aid.

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As a result, resuscitation measures were taken by the crew of the emergency helicopter, but ultimately had to be stopped without success.

Revival in Upper Austria

in Upper Austria Hinderstoder (Kirchdorf district) On St. Stephen's Day, a 37-year-old German skier had to be resuscitated after a serious fall on the slopes.

A winter sports enthusiast arrives at around 10 am Hösskogel descent Dropped for unknown reasons. After being resuscitated, he was taken to the Kepler University Hospital in Linz with the “Christopher's 99” emergency medical helicopter, police said in the afternoon.

Two injured in Carinthia

And inside Carinthia Emergency services had to leave. Because two friends are in the ski area on St. Stephen's Day Holy blood Crashed and injured while descending the Großglockner.

One of the two was unconscious after the collision and was taken away Emergency Medical Team C7 rescue helicopter transported to Lienz district hospital. His friend escaped with injuries and they were treated at a hospital, the Carinthia State Police said.

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Two 16-year-olds were skiing with a 17-year-old friend on Skerek Run when one of the trio slipped on the ice while making a right turn and skidded onto the other 16-year-old student. The latter fell and momentarily lost consciousness.

Skiers who followed gave first aid and called emergency services. While the student from Galicia was taken by helicopter, his friend went to hospital on his own with minor injuries. Her 17-year-old friend was not injured.

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