The Eternal Tour: Four Ski Jumps, One Myth

Can Stephen Croft win the 72nd edition of the Four Hills Tournament? Why is a 42-year-old still jumping and why has Germany always failed since Sven Hannawald's “Grand Slam” in 2002? Where do the Norwegians wind up with defending champion Halver Egner Granerud? Aircraft data, facts and background information on the fine art.

The Ski Jumpers' Four Hills Competition has traditionally been held since 1953, when the Christ Child flew and the New Year's Eve champagne supply increased. Kicking off this year with a show in front of 25,000 spectators in Oberstdorf on Friday, the procession takes the procession via Garmisch-Partenkirchen (New Year's Day) and Innsbruck (January 3) to Bischofshofen, where the winner of the tour will be chosen at Epiphany. The 72nd edition of the Sky Jump Classic has many air holes, some turbulence in terms of release and finances, sees high-flyers – and one high-flyer in plain sight.

“Journal” provides all the details:

Eagle team

Head coach Andreas Widhölzl knows the formula for winning the tour; In 2000, “Swider” caught everyone's attention. In 2023 he will send Clemens Aigner, Manuel Fedner, John Harl, Stephen Kraft and Daniel Schofenic down the starting line. Since 2015, Austria is looking forward to its thirteenth Royal Eagle, 17th overall victory. The Eagle Dozen: Joseph “Buvi” Pradl (1953), Willy Burstl (1974), Hubert Neuber (1980, 1981), Ernst Vettori (1986, 1987), Andreas Goldberger (1993, 1995), Andreas Wielsl (2000), Loitzl (2009), Andreas Kofler (2010), Thomas Morgenstern (2011), Gregor Schlierenzauer (2012, 2013), Thomas Diethart (2014), Stefan Kraft (2015).

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