A great accompaniment to garden parties

Garden furniture is placed on the balcony and terrace for the winter. The first outdoor celebration will begin soon. The “Jolly Trolley”, a lighted bar trolley, is not to be missed.

bombshellKnown for its bean bags, is with “Jolly Trolley” A flash Barwagon brought to the market.

Thanks to the aluminum construction and exterior finish, the stroller can be easily left outside or used indoors. A bar cart is perfect as a mobile bar at any party, where cocktails can be mixed and guests can eat well. Because its upper removable tray allows you to serve snacks and drinks. Thanks to the vertical handle, the “Jolly Trolley” can be easily maneuvered around tables and chairs.

The trolley can be used as a planting table when gardening or as a practical shelf for all the utensils and sauces when barbecuing.

Put it in perspective

The battery-operated light puts the “Jolly Trolley” in the right light for every occasion. The tube to which the light is attached contains a battery and an on/off switch for the dimmable LED light. If the battery is empty, you can charge it using the built-in USB-C port.

The stroller is available in three colors: light gray, dark sage (as pictured) and tangerine, and is priced at 899 euros. By Thom Available at Haidgasse 5 in 1020 Vienna.

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