“Look at the castle”: Moritz Eisner and PP Fellner are best friends “Dadder”, today, 8:15 pm, ORF 2

A movie tear torments the insomniac investigator after the party – soon something completely different: in his most recent case (today, ORF 2) he is suspected of murder.

Colleague Beebe (Adele Neuhauser), Colonel “Ernstl” (Hubert Kramer) – and the audience – all know his innocence, but the evidence is overwhelming. Similar to the old Bibi case where the victim claims justice.

As far as these cross-links, investigators have been stumbling in the dark, it sheds light on one thing: the unshakable bonds between Moritz and Bibi. How far will colleagues go to stand up for each other? The episode “Your Loss” explores this: the criminal also knew how much she cared about Moritz: wanted to get the best out of all her colleagues. For revenge.

25 years is the “silver wedding anniversary” for Commissioner Bibi and Moritz: in the small gestures and appearances of their characters, Harald Krasnitzer and Adele Neuhauser reveal some of the secrets of a good marriage. Until it's almost a kiss, like this time.


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