AK Election: 40.2 percent voter turnout


The official final result of the Vienna Chamber of Labor election showed no change in the number of mandates compared to preliminary figures on Wednesday. 40.2 percent votes were reported.

In Vienna, 12,000 ballots received on time, according to the final result, did not change the mandate between the 16 participating lists; It was 42.3 percent five years ago. 769,466 employees are eligible to vote. A total of 308,940 votes were cast with 6,327 invalid votes.

16 Schedules are mentioned along with the mandates

According to the official final result, the group FSG with top candidate Renate Anderl won 108 out of 180 mandates, the Christian Trade Unionists' factional list got twelve mandates, and the Free Workers – FPÖ (FA-FPÖ) list got 15 mandates. A total of 16 lists will be represented in the Workers' Parliament (General Assembly of AK Vienna) in the future – that is, all the lists that participated in the AK elections in Vienna.

Renate Anderl was “very” pleased with the result on Thursday. The losses could be explained by the fact that there were more lists than ever – one of which managed to get 0.6 percent of the vote, he pointed out. Other established lists like FCG or Freedom Party also lost votes.

However, Anderl also believed that the election was a mandate to continue to persevere on important issues such as the lack of overtime pay or reduced working hours. He also warned again about cuts in non-wage labor costs. Anyone who wants to do this is knowingly creating poverty. “And you can't do business with poor people,” he said, referring to potential losses in purchasing power. “The decision shows that the federal government needs to listen to the Labor Chamber more often,” Anderl said.

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