Fuel prices are higher now than they have been in a long time

Ver Petrol Refueling As you may have noticed recently: fuel costs have risen. There is refueling Austria More expensive now than it has been in a long time. And gas prices are higher than that Diesel.

It is reported that the reason for this is the price of crude oil Ö1 morning magazine. Prices are up 15 percent since the start of the year.

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Petrol is more expensive than diesel

Two weeks ago it was at a six-month high. Triggers include, among others, conflicts Near EastHe says Hedwig Tolosky from Association of the Petroleum Industry in the Chamber of Commerce. During times of geopolitical unrest and wars, demand and consequently prices increase. Similar to the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

Currently, a liter of diesel in Austria costs an average of 1.62 euros and a liter of petrol costs 1.65 euros.

Dominic Graf From ÖAMTC: “At the beginning of the year, petrol and diesel were still ten cents apart – petrol ten cents cheaper. Petrol is now more expensive. And lead has disappeared.”

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Austria in the European midfield

According to Graff, the increased prices cannot be explained by summer travel. The trip happens every year and can be scheduled. That is why the price of petrol need not rise so significantly, says an expert.

If gas stations earn extra “Körberlgeld”, ask them Ö1 morning magazine With Hedwig Doloszeski: “We have a very well-functioning competition in Austria. You can see it in the level of prices. In order to be competitive, gas stations have no chance to make money at high prices.”

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Average prices also reflect this, he explains. Austria is in the middle of Europe.

Fill up before the holidays

Either way, driving can be expensive. Diesel is currently the cheapest in the world Styria. Spend there A liter at the cheapest gas station costs 1.55 euros (as of April 29, 2024). A liter of petrol costs 1.59 euros Upper Austria Very cheap.

ÖAMTC recommends filling up early or only before the May holidays and long weekends – during which prices are higher.

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