Amazing earnings from Opernredoute –

Due to CoV – and last year due to inflation – Opera Redoubt was suspended three times in total. Insecurity has now subsided and people can now dance and celebrate again.

“Barack the Opera”

Bernd Burcher, the longtime organizer of the Opernredoute, cannot wait for the long-awaited return of the spectacular ball night at the Grosse Opera: “more joy and excitement than ever.”

Neo-opera director Ulrich Lenz celebrated the Redoute premiere again: “Everybody's eyes light up when they tell me about it,” Lenz said beforehand. According to him, celebration, richness, sensuality, playfulness, dance and rhythm in the neo-baroque cross opera is the theme of this year's ball, “Baroque the Opera!” can be best summarized under

Opening with Strauss to Boogie

At the 23rd Opera Redoute, the Graz Philharmonic Orchestra was conducted for the first time by their new chief conductor Vassilis Christopoulos. “The Fairy Queen” by Henry Purcell, “The Visit of the Queen of Sheba” by George Frideric Handel, and “Les Contes d'Hoffmann” by Jacques Offenbach were heard. “Hornpipe” from Handel's “Water Music” was played at the opening dance. Master of Ceremonies and performer Martin Ludjeb led the evening.

The opening polonaise was followed by the waltzes “Freed Euch des Lebens” (Johann Strauss Sonn), “La Paloma” and “In the Mood”, choreographed by Patricia Steider-Zebedin and Wolfgang Nicoletti in a mix of boogie styles. Things got serious for the audience with Johann Strauss' “Roses from the South,” “Lagoon Waltz” and the polka “We're Not So Afraid.”

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“Baroque Image” of Opera

Mignon Ritter has always designed the look of Redoute: “A representative house that presents itself to the viewer and to the world that begins behind the Iron Curtain – I always try to bring it together,” says the decorator. “Baroque” is responsible for the design of individual scenes at home in the Opernring.

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This time, special guests mixed up the opera Redout in a baroque way: although Buck's baroque brother caused many practical jokes, Cherubino didn't miss a beat – receiving baroque show guests in the open redout. Of course, the midnight break also matches this – French kings and a rapping Salzburg composer.

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Parades of celebrities

One of the spacious honor boxes was reserved for “John Harris Fitness” CEO Ernst Minar and his Gerda Rogers and Alphonse Haider, while the other was reserved for the Honorary Ambassador of Kazakhstan Gunter Nebel. Styrian companies such as Steiermärkische Sparkasse, Raiffeisen-Landesbank, Energie Steiermark, Juwelier Weikhard and Saubermacher were box neighbors, as well as artists such as actress Aglaia Szyszkowitz and musical actress Anna Rosa Döller (“Mö mia döller”).

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Guest of Honor “Mr. Ferrari” Herbert Casper is an eye-catcher: builder Richard Lugner. “The Graz Opera Redoute is a beautiful ball in a great setting,” the 91-year-old praised the venue, “which dates back to when the great opera house was built.” But this isn't Lukner's first visit — he recently accompanied Casper to the last Auburn redout in 2020.

Das “Who's Who” der ÖVP

In addition to the parade of celebrities on the festival steps, the Opera Redoubt has always been a political platform — especially true in a big election year. ÖVP Styria was represented by Governor Christopher Drexler and Provincial Councilor Werner Amon, accompanied by Croatian Foreign Minister Gordon Girlik Rodman with his wife and Ambassador Daniel Kluncic. The new State Health Councilor Karlheinz Kornhäusl (ÖVP) entered the magnificent halls for the first time as a State Councillor.

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SPÖ and FPÖ avoid the ball

However, Deputy Governor Anton Lang attended the Trofaich Fire Brigade Ball near his home town of Leoben in Upper Styria. State Councilor Doris Kampus (SPÖ) and Green Party leader Sandra Kratväschl were at the Caritas Marienstüberl Ball the same evening. The mayor of Graz, LK Kahr (KPÖ), spent this year's evening at the Volkshausball instead of the “traditional” opera – instead, deputy mayor Judith Schwendner (Greens) came.

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