Best Calorie Trackers for iOS and Android

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Anyone who wants to live a healthy life has commonly heard about the importance of exercise in daily life. Enough is enough steps per day And regular exercise is often promoted as the most important, and often the only, component that plays a role in weight and health issues.

In fact, however, Classic “In and Out” Too much emphasis is placed on calories. If you want to lose weight, maintain it, or gain it, you need to pay close attention to which calories are going in and which are going out. Calorie trackers programs, tracking tools and help us here Food databases Under Arms.

We provide these to you applications Before:

  • MyFitnessPal: iOS and Android
  • FatSecret: iOS and Android
  • Loose Side: iOS and Android
  • Yasio: iOS and Android
  • OpenNutriTracker: iOS and Android


Probably one Most popular And the most popular calorie counter app is MyFitnessPal. Over the years, the app has been the first port of call for anyone looking to get fitter and closely track their progress. MyFitnessPal focuses on our diet down to the smallest detail. In one Detailed food diary List all the food and drinks for the day.

A comprehensive database is used to calculate nutrient values. For example, this can be done by searching for or using a practical barcode scanner The right products to enter. MyFitnessPal constantly shows whether we've already exceeded our daily protein, fat, and carbohydrate goals. Together Workout and step tracker Our activities in the app can be summarized into an overall picture showing our progress through weight tracking, which can be filled in manually or automatically.

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A Intervalfasten-Tracker and social functionality to exchange ideas with others around the app. Although some functions can be used for free, the application is not useful without a subscription. This requires a minimum payment of 9.99 euros per month.

MyFitnessPal is free iOS And Android Available.


FatSecret is fully committed to nutrition tracking and wants to help us reach our goals. During the first onboarding a choice must be made between maintaining, building or reducing weight. After depositing our Physical and activity data And weight goal, we can start immediately. The main feature of the app is the diary, where we can save food. All food items from breakfast to snacks are stored here.

To add food or drink, all we need to do is use text search. According to grams consumed, the Nutritional values Then added to our daily overview. By default, FatSecret sets us a classic calorie goal that's perfect for each person. Daily needs has been reduced. If desired, we can also choose from different nutritional categories such as keto, high protein or Mediterranean.

Exercises and sleep can be done on a basic basis Calorie consumption and sleep duration Has to be added. All progress and recorded data are presented in a clear and traceable manner in a separate statistics tab. FatSecret offers the most important features in the free version, but if you want to use meal plans and water tracking, you need a subscription starting at 6.99 euros per month.

FatSecret is free iOS And Android Available.

loose side

The Loseit app impresses from the start with its efficient and uncomplicated setup. In one Comprehensive onboarding The app asks us about our goal, such as “getting fitter,” “smaller dress size,” or simply “calorie tracking.” The behavior of the app is then completely tailored to our liking. Whether we want to integrate lots or little exercises, use modern technology like smart scales and we bandage To be used as a method.

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Loseit then uses our data to calculate required calories and offers various weight loss programs. ““Rest” to “Strong” Here the calorie target is adjusted according to our taste. At the same time, we get a preview Which year We can achieve our weight goal with respective plan. We add our food to the app every day. Here we can search by text from a large database or scan the barcode of products. You can also save your own recipes for repeated entry.

If we want to enter pure calories, that is also possible. In the Goals tab, Loseit tracks our progress and how our nutritional values ​​are Daily average get lost. Additional targets can also be added here Blood pressure, sleep and exercise Deposit. In the basic version, Loseit supports standard plan and nutrition database. Alternative plans and full monitoring require a subscription starting at €39.99 per year.

Loseit is free iOS And Android Available.


Yazio also focuses on calorie tracking, but in addition to weight loss, the app is suitable for anyone looking to build muscle or gain weight. Yasio goes one Comprehensive OnboardingBe fully prepared for us from the beginning. With dozens of questions, the app gets an idea of ​​our goals and our daily life. A plan will be calculated for us based on our information. Yazio continues to be incredibly motivating and constantly explains to us why we will achieve our goals and that everything is possible.

Once we've completed onboarding, including mandatory registration, we're done Diary. Here we can always see directly how many calories, fats, carbohydrates and proteins still fit into our day. You can add food and activity and body values ​​to the dashboard at any time using the plus symbol. Individual foods and products can be selected from a database, including a Barcode reader scanner Available.

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If we want to cook ourselves, Yasio also offers recipes for cooking. If we want to use intermittent fasting, there is a separate tracker that supports us. Here we always keep an overview of which ones Fastenface Who we are and what we are improving. Yazio is generally free to use, but if you want to use customized plans and recipes, you need a subscription starting at 2.49 euros per month.

Yasio is free iOS And Android Available.


One of the newer calorie apps on the market is OpenNutriTracker. There are still people Beta The app is one of the few in this area to have both It is a crime as well as Completely local There are OpenNutriTracker walks us through onboarding and calculates calorie needs based on the data we provide.

The goal may be to gain, lose, or maintain weight. The app's interface consists of a dashboard and a diary. We can also see the remaining calories per day directly on the dashboard Allocations For fat, carbohydrate and protein. Activities and our meals can also be added to the dashboard.

OpenNutriTracker also offers a manually searchable database. Also mentioned is the practical one Barcode reader scanner. In the diary we get an overview of our activities and consumption on different days. We can also look back at the calorie progression here. OpenNutriTracker works Without the cloud or subscriptionsThat's why this app is my favorite.

OpenNutriTracker is free iOS (Test Flight-Beta) And Android Available.

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