Big survey for May 1: What is work?

Meaning of life or means to an end? May 1 is the traditional Labor Day. On this day, the importance of workers' rights is highlighted and these are demanded.

But times are changing. What do people worry about when it comes to work? asked the courier. And the answers are mixed: everything from salary to work environment to interest, stress, dissatisfaction and fulfillment.

“Work is essential to life, you cannot live without work, without work it is not a real life, it is also the purpose of life. I have been working here in the market since 1956. But you should not live only for work.

“Work is the basis of my success. It always motivates me to know that hard work in the summer will pay off in the winter.

“Work is life. A meaningful and fulfilling work life is a wonderful addition to family and personal life. Although the work is hard, in my case not only symbolically but also physically related to the sweaty climbing of the mountain, the storms and the weather, we are all very happy about the fruits of our efforts in the sunshine.

“Work is constantly changing due to technological and social changes. Our daily work at the Museum of Technology is to inform, question and focus on future challenges of this close connection between people and technology.

“Work is wealth creation. There is no prosperity without work.”

“Work is not my priority. But I work full-time and am always in business. There is not much time for leisure. But I still enjoy my work after 40 years. I love social interaction, every client comes to us – young or old.

“Work is key to my return to high-level sport. Skiing even better and more successfully than before my injury is currently the biggest motivation for my daily training and therapy sessions.

“Work should be the basis for a good, carefree life. I am lucky to have a job that is meaningful and that I enjoy. This should be the case for all employees.

“Work is important to every person's self-realization and should certainly be fairly remunerated rather than exploited – and: work is work, especially unpaid work, which is usually done by women.”

“Work is self-determination and personal growth. There's never been a Monday when I didn't want to go to work. Sure, work is tiring and sometimes fun—otherwise it's a hobby. To work in a welfare state, it takes a lot of effort to maintain it. No pain, no gain!”

“Work needs to be treated with respect. That's why I'm calling for a gradual reduction in working hours to a four-day week – for people to be respected, so people are healthier, more productive and, above all, happier.

“Work is a value that deserves an appropriate wage and should be highly tax-deductible. So my Austrian plan provides for the elimination of all taxes on overtime and a full-time bonus for all full-time workers.

“Work is creativity in its most beautiful form. The effect of a work of art can last for centuries. However, the value of creativity is often underestimated. Work of art is not only about the future, but it often provides an opportunity to imagine the future and invent tools for the future.

“For me as a researcher, the job is to deal creatively with scientific questions and experience a very personal moon landing every time, because you have an idea. It's exciting, challenging and very meaningful. The motivation for this comes from the hope of contributing something to the development of new therapies.”

“Work is the chosen profession and the associated working hours determine a large part of our lives, so it is important to justify your career aspirations as much as possible. Work structures our lives, which contributes to psychosocial stabilization – the key is to create a balance between work and leisure time.”

“Work is a task that keeps the body and mind fit every day and brings them to the best performance. I love my job because I never stand still. My work involves many factors like discipline, ambition, emotion, motivation, attention to detail, communication, success, failure, etc. Dependent, therefore never boring.

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