Rangnick reportedly wants to move to Bayern

Ralf Rangnick's upcoming move remains an issue at FC Bayern Munich. In addition to sporting events, the title decided the Champions League semi-final first leg between Bayern and Real Madrid.

Max Eberl made it clear to “Amazon Prime”: “We have our ideas” (read here >>>). President Hainer confirmed “good discussions with Ralf” on “Sky”. Christoph Freund said it was a matter of days or weeks (read here >>>).

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Did Rangnick choose Bayern?

The biggest innovation came from the “Sport Build”. “Rangnik wants to move to Bavaria” was the headline in the tabloid after midnight. The ÖFB group boss, who exchanged views with Sports Minister Werner Koegler in Vienna on Tuesday, is now said to have signaled his desire to take over Bayern.

According to the report, some more details are to be clarified on Wednesday. Among other things, the ÖFB must defend itself against the departure of its team boss. “The Austrians are also fighting for Rangnick, wanting to keep him or release him only if there is a high transfer fee,” the article read.

Bayern are still looking for a commitment, after all Christoph Freund is said to have recommended Rangnick to the ÖFB. The ÖFB team boss is keen to bring a large part of his ÖFB coaching staff with him to Munich. Accordingly, ÖFB will also demand a transfer fee there.

So is the negotiation deadlocked? Dem”Delivery manAccording to ÖFB, Rangnik has yet to make a clear statement.

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Romano: No problem with ÖFB

Fabrizio Romano, on the other hand, speaks of the ultimate transformation. “There was no problem getting the green light from the ÖFB,” says the transfer insider. The Italian hopes to make the whole thing official in the next few days.

According to “Bild”, Rangnik's annual salary at Bayern should be 1.5 million euros. Tuchel currently earns significantly more from the German record champions, a rumored ten million euros.

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