Cora Schumacher's Jungle Camp Episode: What's Behind It?

Cora Schumacher (47), the ex-wife of Formula One star Ralf Schumacher (48), has had it for the third day. RTL Jungle Camp Volunteering “at his own request” let go “I'm a star – get me out of here!” RTL announced this in its Sunday edition. (January 21). More details about their move “just before the third live show” will follow on Monday's (January 22) upcoming broadcast.

“Struck really well”

“I didn't see that coming,” explained Sonja Seidlow In an RTL interview After the live broadcast. “I thought she was really good and I wish she had No Absolutely Talked about Ralph. It would suit her perfectly. But otherwise I figured it out very unfortunate, Because I think he's got some fans.”

Reigning jungle queen Djamila Rowe left a crying emoji under the post with the interview excerpt. Another entry Former jungle camper Linda Nobat (29) also commented on the piece with a sad emoji and the comment “I like it”.

Schumacher's companion in Australia, his best friend Jörg Kunze, 41, appeared after the announcement of his departure. In an interview with RTL Just as surprised as the fans: “I don't even know what to say, I'm totally Shocked. I think it's a shame for her that she's out now for whatever reason. I can imagine that Lucy's story She also touched it herself. […] Maybe something else health-related.”

“I'm a celebrity – get me out of here!” Schumacher did not like her in the first episodes of Married to Ralph SchumacherBut also about an alleged one Affair with Oliver Bocher (45) Asked if Schumacher was thinking about what Germany was talking about, Kunze replied: “I think so. We know what she said. I think it's in her head, she's a bit involved in it too, and can't control what's going on outside. She may feel like she's no longer in control.” The first thing he likes to do with Schumacher is eat something delicious, drink some wine and talk about the many things that happened.

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RTL+ overload

This became a problem for many fans Guess However, the surprise action on Sunday evening faded into the background. The regular Jungle Camp show ran only till 9pm as the NFL aired on linear TV. Then you need to: “The Hour After” on RTL+ Available for streaming. But apparently many fans wanted to see a conversation with Olivia Jones (54) and Angela Finger-Erben (43). RTL+ page It was Sunday evening No longer available forever. “We are aware that there are currently issues with RTL+. We are sorry for that. We are already working on a solution,” the broadcaster explained on Instagram.

In a statement It added: “An incident occurred due to the simultaneous use of extremely high levels of RTL+, across all products. Overloading in multiple settings. We are working hard to resolve the issue and ask all IBES and NFL fans for their forgiveness and patience.”

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