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How Bavaria's largest heat pump manufacturer is decarbonizing the building industry

The building sector must also play its part in decarbonisation – in fact, due to its sheer dimensions, it is at the heart of the energy transition. A new era for heating systems began in January with the Building Energy Act (GEG). Heat pumps represent the key technology for climate-friendly heat supply – an industry pioneer at Ait-Group for 25 years. Bavaria's largest heat pump manufacturer plays a pioneering role, especially thanks to its “Made in Germany” products and environmentally friendly refrigerants. What's happening in Germany's Heat Pump Valley?

Looking at buildings from a macroeconomic perspective, they naturally have a strong CO2 footprint. Reducing it is one of the most important tasks in the fight against climate change. Here's a key pillar: heating systems based on renewable energies, according to GEG, should now become the standard. Their use significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions. At the top of these heating systems is the heat pump; A once-core product that is now shaping the heating technology of the future.

By the beginning of 2023, around 1.4 million households in Germany used heat pipes. Their sales rose from 154,000 in 2021 to 356,000 last year. This means that sales have increased by about 50 percent for the second year in a row. There will be more in 2024 – the central government has set an expansion target for the technology of 500,000 newly installed heat pumps. By 2030, the number of devices in this country is expected to rise to six million.

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Alles “Made in Germany”
Ait-Group wants to contribute a large portion of this. 300,000 heat pumps per year are expected to come from Kasendorf in Franconia. Modern heat pipes of alpha innotec and NOVELAN brands are manufactured here. They cover all areas of application – from new buildings to renovation of existing buildings. As a technology and innovation leader in heat pumps, we attach particular importance to sustainability and quality. We develop and
“We manufacture our products directly in our main factory – everything is made in Germany,” says Sjacco van de Sande, managing director of ait-group. Considering this growth, Ait-Group has now again expanded its production capacity in the heart of the heat pump valley to meet the demand.

Heat transfer for 25 years
Ait-Group is not only a pioneer in heat pumps, but also in the refrigerants necessary for their operation. It was in the fall that he presented his latest discovery: Hyprox Alpha Inotec Heat Pump. The heart of this and other device types is the natural and therefore climate-friendly refrigerant propane (R290), which has proven itself for 20 years. The company has been researching this area for years and developing more sustainable solutions. The result: a heat pump with excellent heating and cooling efficiency and at the same time an impressive climate footprint. Because propane has no greenhouse effect and is very energy efficient.

Additionally, the ait-group's products score points for their sound-optimized and silent operation. It is becoming increasingly important in view of the widespread use and installation of heat pumps outside the boiler room. Hyprox operates whisper-quiet and features intelligent volume control and vibration optimization. Night mode guarantees low noise emissions and a well-deserved night's sleep – especially for neighbors.

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Ait-Group has been developing heat pump technology since 1998. The new Hybrox alpha inotec and all other devices are the result of constant innovation. At the same time, the ait range negates all prejudices against heat pumps; Especially in terms of energy consumption, volume and flow temperature.

Market leader in heat pump technology
With around 1,400 employees and subsidiaries in Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Netherlands/Belgium and the USA, the Aid Group is one of the European market leaders in heat pump technology. High-end heat pumps are marketed under the alpha innotec and NOVELAN brands, licensed and sold in more than 25 European countries. Innovative companies like Ait-group are playing a key role in promoting the energy transition. CEO van de Sande emphasizes: “We are proud to lead the progress of the decarbonization of the building industry and contribute to overcoming the challenges of climate change with our products.”

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