Dill Schweiger with an “open leg” in the hospital

According to the German “Bild” newspaper, Schweiger is currently in a hospital on the Spanish island of Mallorca.

German actor Till Schweiger A report from Germany BuildAccording to the newspaper, he is currently receiving treatment in a hospital on the Spanish island of Mallorca. Accordingly, the 60-year-old was diagnosed with sepsis.

“Since August, I've been in the hospital for a fortnight on antibiotics because I injured my leg. I hit my jaw, and then the germs got in. Now I have an 'open leg,' as they call it. Unfortunately, “it's just getting worse,” says Schweiger. Build. Further inquiries will be conducted over the weekend. Loud Build Meanwhile a severance was on the cards.

What if you have sepsis?

In Austria, around 28,000 people receive it every year Sepsis (blood poisoning), Austria-based pharmaceutical company AOP Health announced in September that 7,500 people had died.

Sepsis A life-threatening complication occurs when the immune system overreacts to a variety of infections. This defensive reaction can lead to septic shock with (multiple) organ failure, the Society for Anaesthesiology, Reanimation and Intensive Care Medicine (ÖGARI) and the Austrian Society of Intensive Care Medicine/FASIM emphasized in a press release.

Sepsis An emergency that counts every hour. Anyone with suspected infection and at least one infection SepsisIf any symptoms appear, go to the hospital immediately. AOP Health also emphasized in a press release that the sooner a sick person is treated, the better their chances of survival. There is still a lot of ignorance in the society about the topic Sepsis And dangerous.

Sepsis A hidden threat that primarily affects patients with weakened immune systems and intensive care. However, elderly people aged 60 years and above and children under one year of age can also be affected. Cancer patients, people with diabetes or chronic illnesses, and people with alcohol and drug addictions are also at an increased rate. Sepsis– Danger.

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Till Schweiger is one of Germany's most popular actors. There have been a lot of films and notable hits over the past few decades. Schweiger has worked not only as an actor, but also as a director and producer. His portfolio includes “Men's Pension”, “The Moving Man”, “Knocking on Heaven's Door”, “Keinohhassen”, “Swiorchiken”, “Cocoa”, “Hanik im Kopp” and “Lieber Kurt”. At times he also played Hamburg “Dattered” detective Nick Dishiller. His first documentary in 2020 is about the soccer star Bastian Schweinsteiger.

In addition to her film career, Schweiger runs an interior design firm. Several years ago he established a foundation to help children in need. One of his movie trademarks is that he always lets his children play.

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