East Tyrol: 60-year-old man dies in car accident


A 60-year-old local man died in a car accident in the municipality of Schlaiden in East Tyrol. The man had already left for an alpine pasture in Michelbachtal a few days earlier. He wanted to come home again on Wednesday morning. When the man did not come, the woman sounded the alarm.

At first, the woman and her relatives searched for the missing person on their own to no avail. There is sometimes no cell phone reception in Michelbachtal, so call attempts also fail. At around 10pm on Wednesday, the 50-year-old privately reported her husband missing to the police in Leins.

A large-scale search operation began that night with 50 firefighters, mountain rescue teams and police. At around 11.30am, search teams found the missing person's crashed car near Klosterfrunalm. Only a 60-year-old man was rescued alive.

While turning the car, it went up on the side of the road

Investigation revealed that the man had driven his car on the side of the road when he wanted to return to the forest path. The car fell about 50 meters down a steep forest slope. In this accident, a 60-year-old man got trapped under the vehicle and died tragically.

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