EC-KAC prevails in Brunico – EC-KAC

The third power play of the evening for HC Pustertal brought the home team into the final stages, leading to a second goal and the first for the South Tyroleans: Joel Messner left wing, Jesper Jensen shot goalwards from above. The puck faked slightly so that it landed on the goal line outstretched to David Morley, who lifted the disc parallel to the goal line and bounced off Dane's glove over the line as he retreated (41.). On the Red Jackets side, Manuel Canal made a great pass through the box from the right half wall, but Clemens Unterweger couldn't convert it at the far post (43'). HCP When Schofield played in Akesson in the crease from the left, he shot in. Sebastian Tam made a brilliant save (44th) to put the ball past the goal. Dante Hannoun drew attention with a cross pass. Returning after the injury break, he put a hook on his back between the hashmarks, but the disc slipped away from him (47th). After a Bischofberger shot, the rebound bounced back to Matt Fraser, who was in a promising position but over the paddle (48th). A “two-on-one” counter-attack moments later saw a Haudum cross go wide. Messner poked the stick with his long stick (49') to get back to Nicky Krauss.

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