ÖSV ace Cornelia Hütter won the ball downhill in the last meters

Cornelia Hutter took the downward rankings from Laura Good-Behrami. Styrian won the last World Cup race of the season on Sunday with an all-out attack, with the Swiss finishing only 17th.

It was a great success for the ÖSV women, as four of them, Christina Ager (+0.50/4th), Stefanie Venier (+0.62/5th) and Mirzam Buchner (+0.63/6) reached the top 6 in the world. Cup dress rehearsal. Ilka Stuehek (SLO) was second and Nicole Delago (ITA) third. Hutter set the best time in 12th, followed by Good-Behrami in 14th, 1.89 seconds behind, and had to hope someone else would take the win away from Styrian in front of 8,450 spectators. Things got really hectic again during Stuheg's ride, with the Slovenian coming within 17/100 of Hutter.

But we had to shake until the end, because the runners at the top always have the best time. As Kut-Behrami dropped out of the top 15, leaving only one athlete at the top, and Hutter possibly finishing second, he breathed a sigh of relief to the collective ÖSV cheers.

Kut-Behrami walks away with three crystal balls for the overall World Cup, Super-G and Giant Slalom. For the ÖSV women, this is the first time in the career since Nicole Schmidhofer in 2019.

The coaches' request for a 9am start was not fulfilled as the TV broadcast clashed with the flying ski show in Blanica. By the time the 11:15 a.m. kick-off started, the wind had already picked up, which is why some of the gates were replaced with individual poles. This caused a delay of 15 minutes.

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After start number two, we stopped again because a slider fell off and had to be treated. As the bad weather approached, it became increasingly dark, but it did not turn into the wind lottery we had feared. Norway's Rockhild Mowinkel finished her career in 20th place.

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