Self-criticism on the ÖFB team: “We played without slipping”

Austria won 2-0 against Slovakia in the four-match European Championship Test in Bratislava. Lightning starts Bratislava 1-0 after 6.3 seconds Christoph Baumgartner Naturally I liked it too Ralph Rangnick.

“We certainly got off to a good start and this goal alone is worth the price of admission,” he said Team BossHowever, he admitted: “We didn't play a good first half after that, especially when we had the ball we made a lot of unforced errors, which I'm not used to.”

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The second half was better, German said. “Through the substitutions and through the approach. We let the opponent come a little more, we closed the middle more, then things went the way we wanted from the start. Today's game has already given a few players a recommendation. .”

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Captain of Austria Marcel Sabitzer And doesn't want to sugarcoat anything: “It's not a confident win. We played sluggishly, especially in the first half, were technically very poor and invited them into counter-attacking situations. Luckily we managed to prevent it, but in a few months you won't be able to afford it. We are happy with the win, but it could have been better.

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Lightning goal scorer Christoph Baumgartner Said: “There's definitely room for improvement. Especially in the first half, we weren't aggressive enough in our attacking press, which is one of our biggest strengths. We could have made better use of some transition situations. We made a lot of simple mistakes with the ball. Space also played a part. But despite everything A 2-0 win isn't bad.

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Of his goal, the 24-year-old said: “We've done this variation a few times, going away from the kick-off at full risk. Somehow the sequence of steps worked and I made the run.

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