“Express” separates from Richard Schmidt

Editor Eva Schutz confirms split from controversial editor-in-chief He recently refused to leave.

“Richard Schmidt will devote himself to his new projects in the future, while I, as editor, will focus on the further development and positioning of Express.” The editor of the tabloid portal “Express” quotes Eva Schutz. These are in a press release. With this, the resignation of the controversial principal is confirmed.

He had recently denied this himself. But on Wednesday evening he announced via social media that he was focusing on new projects.

Schmidt began his career at “Kron” and then headed the newly founded free newspaper “U-Express”. With the launch of the successor magazine “Heute” in 2004, he took over as editor-in-chief. In 2011, he clashed with “Heat” editor Eva Dichand, who had issues with his leadership skills. Schmidt returned to “Krone” and took over online management, the scope of which he greatly expanded. There was unofficial cooperation with then-FPÖ leader Heinz-Christian Strache, with more questionable means.

In the spring of 2019, Ibiza Video lost Schmidt's job, after which he switched to his direct competitor: the online version of Wolfgang Fellner's “Österreich”. He was at oe24.at until three years ago. Since spring 2021 he has been a leading figure in the online media “Express”.

More recently, an open call for the murder of ORF employees appeared 30 hours after a comment appeared under an article about ORF, which provoked a public debate on “Express”. Criticism came first from ORF anchor Armin Wolff, then from the Concordia Press Club and finally from Media Minister Susanne Raab who condemned “attacks on media freedom and calls for violence” on the matter. Under “Express” terms, comments are verified and approved, otherwise they would not appear.

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Schütz takes over for now

Schütz will now “act as editor until further notice and, at the request of shareholders, will also chair the editorial board together with representatives.” (edition)

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