GemeindeWerke Telfs shares: 135,000 kilometers in electric power

Last year, approximately 28,000 hours of charging time were recorded at the seven public electric charging stations in Delft. This means about 135,000 kilometers of driving and 17 tonnes of CO2 saved. GemeindeWerke Telfs (GW) is pleased with the eco-friendly balance.

TELFS. The charging inventory of electric charging stations for 2023 is now official. In total, the seven columns fueled over 27,000 kilowatt hours. This corresponds to approximately 135,000 kilometers of driving and 17 tonnes of CO2 saved. This is almost 4,000 kilowatt hours Car sharing vehicle floMOBIL.

Electric car sharing is accepted

Thanks to car sharing, users have traveled more than 150,000 kilometers with Flomobiles and Delphis and Zirls since its launch. This means a saving of around 20 tonnes of CO2 compared to fossil fuels. Interest has increased significantly recently as the new electric car has a range of up to 400 kilometers.

The Delfts community runs on electricity

In the spring of 2017, GW implemented the first three charging stations in the center car park in Delft. Two more followed in the North and South swimming pools. The municipal board has now decided on three more stations with 22 kW charging power – one at Mosern, one at the sports center's underground car park and one at the town hall's underground car park. These will be built soon.

Municipal works, old age homes and municipal administration are increasingly running on electricity. GW has ten internal charging stations. The mayor of Telf, Christian Harding, and GW Telfs managing director Gordon Cole also use company vehicles with electric drive.

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The dynamic community between Municipal Works, Market City and Telfer Pad is an advantage. So we can use energy from our own hydropower cost-effectively and efficiently. Charges for using charging stations are currently 48 cents and are expected to continue to decrease.

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