Google Pixel 8a in Austria with completely different launch deal than Germany, bonus exchange on Amazon too

The Pixel 8A will be available to order in many countries starting May 7, with the first in Poland and the Czech Republic besides Germany. Austria was officially out of Pixels for years, with avid Google fans having to turn to retailers like Amazon or import them from other countries like Germany. Thankfully, those days are over and the Pixel 8a is now officially available In the Austrian Google Store.

Interestingly, Google offers a slightly different publishing deal in the Alpine Republic. In Germany, only those who return an old device after buying it benefit from the 150 euro trade-in bonus, while Austrian Pixel 8a buyers who do not trade in an old device get 150 euros back from Google, but only as store credit, not cash. Excellent print Product page The very bottom (also see screenshot below) explains the details:

Buy a Pixel 8a at an Austrian Google Store before June 3, 2024 and ship it to an Austrian address to get a €150 cashback, valid for 1 year only. You must be logged in with the appropriate Austrian Google Pay profile; This offer is not valid as a guest. Credit can only be earned in the Austrian Google Store.

Anyone who doesn’t have an old device to trade in can benefit from this promotion in Austria, and in Germany you can get a refund if you want to get rid of the old device. Anyone who wants to return their old cell phone in Austria Amazon could have served better. The Pixel 8a is available with a 150 euro trade-in bonus, just like in the German Google Store, although you should check in each case whether the prices you can still get on your old device are as good as those on Amazon. Google in Germany.

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