Gun ban goes into effect in Favoriten


A no-weapon zone comes into force in Favoriten today. Apart from Reumannplatz, this zone covers several blocks on both sides of Favoritenstrasse to the southern part of the main train station.

A 24-hour curfew is temporarily in effect until June 30. This includes the area above Reumannplatz to the start of Antonsplatz, and in the other direction via Keplerplatz and Columbusplatz to the main train station. The zone is bordered on the west by Luxenburger Straße and on the east by Sonwendkas and Herndlkass.

Weapons are allowed for professional purposes

The Security Police Act emphasized that not only would all classic weapons be banned, but “dangerous materials used for the use of violence against persons or property, as may be appropriate and under the circumstances”. However, there is no absolute ban on the entry of weapons and dangerous goods into the embargo zone. However, the wearer of such an item can “provide an understandable and legally compliant reason for carrying it”, for example, to practice their profession.

APA/Eva Manhart

The announcement was made on Friday

The City of Vienna has set up mobile offices in small trucks at Riemannplatz and Keplerplatz, which are intended to act as points of contact for the population. According to the city, these mobile offices will remain open till April 5 and will be open daily from 5 pm to 11 pm. People can get information there and, on the other hand, raise concerns about safety in public places. It also includes references to areas or foundations that are not easily visible and often suffer from burglaries or drug-related crimes.

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