Helldiverse 2 Hits New High for Player Numbers on Steam: Servers Are Full

Helldiverse 2 is so popular that the servers are already overloaded in its second weekend of launch, and players are complaining on Reddit about issues getting into the game. However, developers are already looking for a solution.

The new co-op shooter Helldiverse 2 has become a surprise hit on Steam and PS5. Tons of shooter fans were eager to play the new co-op game this weekend, with Helldiverse 2 breaking its own record for concurrently active players on Steam.

However, this has now led to server issues: players on Reddit have complained that they can't get into Helldiverse 2. Now the developers promise that they are already working on a solution.

Watch the trailer for Helldiverse 2 here:

Helldiverse 2 Trailer Announces PS5 PC

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“Let me in!!!!”

What did the community write? Several users posted the photo with the error message that the servers are now full.

Additionally, many players complained that Helldiverse 2 is currently being denied. But other users also take it in jest.

So they post memes of a man standing in front of a locked gate desperately wanting to be let in or make their own fan art. User LuftwaffleTo show how much Helldiverse 2 is “suffering” from its success:

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There are more user comments from here reddit Collected by:

  • “Let me in!!!!”
  • “Give it up now, I've had this problem for hours. Being on the loading screen doesn't help, I've been here for an hour and it's not working”
  • “The galaxy needs me to build a democracy and you won't let me! It's the work of bots!”

How many players are playing Helldiverse 2? Since the shooter was released for both PC and PS5, not all player numbers can be seen.

However, only data crashes SteamDB Close to how many people are playing the game this weekend. Helldivers 2 hit its all-time high on Steam 16 hours ago with 333,827 people. (As of February 18, 2024, 12:51)

It's over X.com Development studio Arrowhead Game Studios spoke on February 17, 2024.

The game makers explained that they are trying to increase server capacity to accommodate all players.

However, there are capacity issues. However, we are already working on fixing the issue and hope to have a solution as soon as possible.

More about Helldiverse 2 on MeinMMO: Helldiverse 2 didn't get PvP because it was too toxic for the boss: “If you need PvP, I recommend Targo”

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