How much snow will there be now – 5 minutes

Posted on January 6, 2024 at 5:53 pm
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Photo in the article from You can see the amount of snow expected in Austria in the coming hours.

In the next few hours, the snow line will decrease from the mountains to the valleys in Austria. We have a forecast of where and how much snow will fall.

Van Philip Plattner

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The snow line is now slowly sinking into the valleys after rain fell on Saturday and only accumulated snow at higher elevations. It's likely to be really white, especially in the northern Alps, but according to forecasts from the “Severe Weather Warning Centre”, the south doesn't seem to be as affected.

Things are worse for places in the southern basin

“By Monday, three to ten centimeters will reach many places, and up to 20 centimeters in the northern Alps and Waldviertel,” it said in a Facebook post. However, it is evergreen in valley areas in the south. Especially in Klagenfurt there is not much snow at the moment and will stay there. Even in Villach you can only expect a few centimeters.

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Vienna sometimes has up to ten centimeters of snow

North of Graz in Styria there is little more snow, south of which it is more like the valleys and basins of Carinthia. However, in the north and mountains, 20 centimeters and more are possible. In general, the northern part of Austria is favored by snow – there have been several times this winter. Up to ten centimeters of fresh snow is possible west of Vienna.

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