iPad data recovery after short circuit, software error and physical defect

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Professional recovery of personal and business data despite severe damage

Apple iPad Data Recovery with DATA REVERSE® Professional Data Recovery (© DATA REVERSE®)

Apple iPad Data Recovery with DATA REVERSE® Professional Data Recovery (© DATA REVERSE®)

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Data recovery from iPads is a significant technical challenge due to their complex design and iPad-like specialized software architecture. Additionally, iPods do not have easily removable hard drives, but instead use built-in flash storage that requires special equipment to extract data. In the event of physical damage, such as exposure to water or drops, delicate internal components, including memory, run the risk of rapid damage. In other cases, software bugs and firmware crashes make the operating system inaccessible and reading data is almost impossible without the right technical knowledge and software tools. All these factors require a highly expert approach to ensure safe and successful data recovery. DATA REVERSE® offers innovative and effective solutions for this.

Case Study 1: Recovery after a short circuit

A case in point involved an architect’s Apple tablet PC iPad (10th generation, 2022), in which a misconnected cable led to a short circuit. The iPad’s NVMe flash storage holds essential project data, customer data, communication history, and work documents. Thanks to the precise intervention of the Data Rivers ® team, 99.9 percent of data is successfully recovered. This incident highlights the importance of professional data recovery processes and the ability of data reverse to guarantee almost complete data recovery even with physical damage.

Case Study 2: iPad Pro data recovery after software error

Another notable example is restoring an iPad Pro 5 where an update error and software conflicts caused the device to no longer boot. The corporate financial data stored in it, including financial statements, accounting and legal documents, is invaluable. Through software diagnostics and hardware-based data extraction, DATA REVERSE® was able to recover 99.8 percent of data from NAND flash memory. This achievement demonstrates the company’s expertise in handling software-related data loss in sophisticated storage systems.

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Case Study 3: iPad Air recovery with defective battery and logic board

A third case study involved a second-generation iPad Air that suddenly stopped starting due to a firmware malfunction and a defective battery and logic board. A database file in SQLite format (CSV) on the device containing the budget book “MoneyControl” was very important to the user. DATA REVERSE® succeeds in backing up and restoring 100 percent of data using advanced data recovery techniques. This example shows the ability of data reverse to work efficiently even in complex technical situations.

The Data Reverse ® method

The data recovery service provider uses advanced technologies and methods specially adapted to the architecture of Apple devices. A team of certified technicians uses a combination of proprietary software and specialized hardware tools to ensure maximum data recovery, regardless of the extent of damage. With over 20 years of experience, the company specializes in Apple device recovery and offers a 95 percent data guarantee. All data recovery processes are carried out under strict security conditions to ensure the confidentiality of customer information – an important issue, especially in the area of ​​corporate data. With a variety of service options, the company can respond immediately to data emergencies.


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