Knife-injured man on Reumannplatz


A 32-year-old man was injured with a knife during an argument at Reumannplatz in Vienna-Favoriten on Thursday. According to professional rescuers, he suffered a deep stab wound to the thigh. This is the third stabbing attack in the area in as many days.

The Vienna Professional Rescue Service and the police confirmed the relevant report in the free newspaper “Heat” about its online presence. According to rescue spokesman Daniel Steiner, the man was stabbed deep in his thigh, received emergency medical treatment and was taken to hospital.

According to police spokesman Markus Dittrich, the 32-year-old suffered a stab wound in Favoritenstrasse. However, when he was found there, he said he had an argument with an unidentified person, who stabbed him and fled.

Further conflict with Messer

At the same time – around 5.30 pm – according to Dietrich, a fight broke out with several people involved in the area of ​​the Riemannplatz subway station. It is said that a knife was also involved. The police stopped a man who came with a knife with minor injuries on his face.

He said he was attacked by many people. He only had the knife for self-defense, but he didn't hurt anyone. Authorities did not find any more injured. At about 6:15 the operation was still going on. The police are working to clarify the exact facts.

More incidents on Sunday and Monday

Last Sunday evening, a 21-year-old man sustained serious but non-life-threatening injuries from a knife attack in front of Tichi Ice Cream Parlour. Army personnel help women who were harassed by gangs of youths. They then attacked the 21-year-old, inflicting stab wounds and cuts on his back and thigh before absconding. They should be investigated like the women the young man helped.

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On Monday evening – a few hours after Interior Minister Gerhard Garner (ÖVP) took part in a special police operation at Reumannplatz and presented the newly established task force against juvenile crime (EJK) – a 20-year-old man received a life-threatening illness. -The threat of stabbing in a fight with several people involved failed in the upper body. A short time later, an 18-year-old Syrian citizen was arrested as a suspect, carrying a knife – presumably a murder weapon – with him.

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