World Down Syndrome Day – “People with Down Syndrome Enrich the World”

There are currently around 9,000 people with Down syndrome living across Austria. They carry 47 chromosomes in their body cells instead of the usual 46. On March 21, “World Down Syndrome Day”, people with Down syndrome have an important place in our society.

“People with Down syndrome are an important and indispensable pillar of society, but also in the world of work. So it is incredibly important to recognize, promote and integrate talents in the world of work and business,” says state governor Johanna Mickle-Leitner. (ÖVP) in the event.

Fiona Wolfe is a great example of this. She works in the catering industry and is into social media @fionashappyworld Active with more than 5,000 followers, she opens this year's Vienna Opera Ball as a debutant and impresses with her confidence. “Fiona is an asset to the world! “At the Vienna Opera Ball she not only demonstrated her personal strength and great charisma, but also sent an inspiring message of inclusion and diversity to the entire world,” says Mikl-Leitner.

For her, the young woman impressively shows that people with Down syndrome are not only talented, but destined to live their dreams. “Their enriching nature encourages them to break down prejudices and work together to create a world where every person has equal opportunity and opportunity.”

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