Land of Mountains: Alps Reservoirs: Kaprun

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The land of mountains

Reservoirs of the Alps: Kaprun

Although the reservoirs are all artificial, in many places they are considered the pearls of the Alps. Some are still considered legends today and a symbol of Austria's strength in the post-war era. Others have attracted European nobility and international celebrities: the reservoirs in Salzburg. Their driving force is water, which first animates them and then becomes their defining element. You let it relax slowly at first, but absorb its full force. You are surrounded by cool technology and embedded in nature. And yet today they attract hundreds of thousands of people to the high alpine world every year. The “Land of Mountains” is, among others, on the route of the reservoir overlays in Kaprun, the MOBO107, the world's highest via ferrata directly on the dam wall, or the Lärchwand inclined lift, Europe's largest open lift. Rare historical film and photographic material also bear witness to the moving building history in Mooserboden. And the Wiesie in nearby Stupachtal also has a fascinating and, above all, fascinating history. Salzburg reservoirs are often considered “pearls”. Alps”, they form a unity with nature. Like Kaprun, they have long entered into a symbiosis with Hohe Tavern National Park. The rangers are exciting and allow you to enjoy animal intelligence and sightings.
Image source: ORF/ORF III

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