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30 Championship goals for Sturm

In the stormy season of 1980/81, when Schwarzenegger sensationally became autumn champions under Otto Barik, only to miss out on the championship title in the last round with a 1:4 defeat against Rapid, Haas was again the scorer twice against GAK. Autumn 1980: 1:2 in the first round and 2-1 in the eleventh, he and Rudy Schaus had a celebrated victory. Sturm was then playing with Sariya; Wirth, Schilcher, Bichler, Schaus; Breber, Culmer, Byron; Pagoda, Haas (Peter Huberts), Jurdin.

In the spring of 1981, the competition for attack became even more intense with Pagoda, Jurdin, Kullmer, Stendhal, Jimmy Pleger and a young Richie Niederbacher returning to Gross in 1979. Tony Haas also had to deal with some injuries – so he went on loan to DSV Alpine in the summer of 1981 after scoring 30 Championship goals for Sturm. In 1982 he moved to Kapfenberg – together with Fredle Wirth.

Always humble and kind-hearted, Tony Haas found his professional home in the Motorway Maintenance Department at Lebring, where he worked until his retirement. He is a frequent sight at Sturm games in Libena and is a black and white man at heart. All the best and good health, dear Tony.

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