Opera stars Karanka and Besala open the Vienna Opera Ball

The celebrity density is also very high for German businessman Markus Düssel: actors Franco Nero, Bart Heino and comedian Oliver Böcher sit in his box with his ex-wife Sandi Meyer-Wolten. Richard Lugner is accompanied by Elvis Presley's ex-wife Priscilla Presley.

According to ÖAMTC, the ring road between Johannesgasse and Oberngasse and Gardner Straße between Karlsplatz and Obernring will be closed from 7pm to 11pm for the festival. During this time the trams on the ring will be on a shorter route or diverted.

Interior Minister Gerhard Garner (ÖVP) noted during a tour of the State Opera on Thursday morning that the opera ball, like every year, involves a major operation for the Vienna police. He told reporters that “several hundred police officers” would be deployed in and around House am Ring. “It's a traditional event, but a challenging one for the police.”

Due to last year's commitment, this year the red carpet will open a little earlier, so that the flow of guests is better distributed and they can get to the opera faster. Explosive detection dogs from the Vienna Service Dog Squad completed an initial search of the opera on Wednesday, which will continue on Thursday until shortly before the ball begins. Last but not least, it is important to check when suppliers have delivered their products. “There's a lot of stuff you do, but you don't talk about it.” Garner pointed out that the terror alert level had been elevated for several months. “There are recorded rallies to go along with them, but there are no concrete threats,” said the home minister, who was not present at the evening ball. “But I will be informed about everything,” he insisted.

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A police ball has a box, i.e. a safety box. From there you can monitor everything with video surveillance and live view.

In front of the State Opera, ball guests must be guaranteed smooth access, and like every year there is a demonstration against the opera ball. This year the Communist Youth of Austria is calling for it. Reports will assemble at the U6 station Gumpendorfer Straße at 7pm and march from there via Gumpendorfer Straße to the Opernring. Despite calls for this from pro-Palestinian activists on social media, the police expect the march to be peaceful. A stage rally is recorded at the sausage stand in front of Albertina's.

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