More than 60 locations: more interest in the “Long Night of Research”.

Thousands of people took advantage of the various offers of the Long Night of Research 2024 in Styria on Friday to experience exciting research projects from the Green Parade. 36,600 visitors were counted in over 60 locations in Graz, Leoben, Kapfenberg and Weiz.

Striae. Under the motto “Participation”. stunned. Discover.” The Long Night of Research took place across Austria. Styria consisted of four cities. Gross, Leoben, Kapfenberg And Weissrepresentation.

A look behind the curtain

“I am very happy that this year’s Long Night of Research in Styria attracted a large number of visitors to see behind the scenes. On the one hand, we can highlight the outstanding achievements of our researchers. On the other hand… promote the understanding of science and research among people,” said the State Science Councilor. Barbara Ibinger-Middle At the start of the event.

And he added: “Also, Long Night Research helps to get children and young people excited about research. This is crucial if we want to maintain our position as one of the most innovative regions in Europe in the future.”

Enroll in research experiences

The selection of research experiences was particularly large in the eleventh edition of Long Night of Research: More than 430 locations Representing a new record and more than 60 partners. They also found Europe’s largest research event In Styria, in addition to the traditional regions of Graz, Leoben and Kapfenberg, it will also be held in Weiss for the first time.

Experience, wonder and participate in the recipe for relevant places. In fact, young and old were enthralled late into the night with fascinating lectures, workshops, experiments and exhibitions.

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Relevant educational institutes and institutions

All Styrian partners were partners in the long night of research Universities and research institutes as well as round 30 local companies included. The Long Night of Research Society organized again in Styria Joanniam Research integrated.

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