Preview & BVZ Competition – Keys to Heaven: New Fire on the Piano

Pianist Maria Radudu has a lot planned as the director of the Keys to Heaven festival – breaking the boundaries of loose piano sounds and at the same time evoking sounds from strings you've never heard before.

The way the format wants to break new ground can already be seen in the program (details in the box on the left), and how it can sound can now be experienced at a preview concert at Esterházy Castle: a new version of Maria Radutu Gershwin's “Rhapsody in Blue” by the Czech Jazz Orchestra Project with Kristóp The orchestra is in sound and not just visual with the grand piano at the center.

Many guests did not miss it, and the cultural scene is also interesting, as shown earlier in a panel discussion: How to win audiences over to classical music with MuTh director LK Hesse, Vienna Modern director Bernhard Günther, Grafenecke managing director Philipp Stein and artistic director Maria Radudu, moderator Johanna Bergi Discussed strategies for Keys to Heaven wants to show it off in April!

Long musical evenings at Hotel Galanta's rooftop bar are also an integral part of the program – a preview included a jazz jam session in which the musicians of the Christoph Czech Jazz Orchestra project once again showcased their talents.

Project & BVZ Competition

26. April: Start with Hayden with free admission (tickets for “Hayden Hive” are already online), an opening concert with director Maria Radudu and Tango 5, followed by a tango crash course with Milango at The Top in the Hotel Calanda bar.

27. April: All day featuring meditative sounds (free entry with festival pass and concert ticket), piano & sand painting, film screening and Önder Sisters concert; Silent film improvisation at Kalanta bar, Night concert with Tanja Huppert at Fort

28. April: Final concert with Julian Rachlin, Jan-Erik Gustafsson and Maria Radutu

Information and maps are already available

Festival-preview keys to Schloss Esterházy

Amazing preview at Hayden Hall – it leaves you wanting more!

Presented by Tommy Schmidt, gmbh

Competition: With BVZ you will finally be at the director's concert (April 28th at 11 am)! Play and win tickets – send an email to [email protected]

Password: “MATINEE”; The deadline for entry is April 12

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