Project C: The Blubber Team needs a new publisher for the survival horror game

Blooper Team needs to find a new publisher for its new game Project C (working title); The existing contract appears to have been terminated.

As is well known, Blooper Team is working on a remake of Silent Hill 2 for Konami, but that’s not the only horror game the developer is working on. Accordingly, the as-yet-unannounced Project C is in the works – an entirely new survival horror IP. It was originally supposed to be published by the private arm of Take-Two Interactive, but the associated publishing deal was dissolved.

Accordingly, the terms of the deal are currently still being discussed, but the deal will be terminated, but it looks like a deal. Accordingly, Blooper’s team must now look for a new publishing partner for the title.

The original release contract for Project C was signed in September 2021 between the Polish development studio and the private sector. However, the agreement also provides an option to terminate the contract without giving reasons, according to current reports online.

Take-Two Interactive recently announced plans to discontinue several game projects. Although there have been no official statements on the matter from either Blooper Team or Take-Two Interactive, Project C is now affected.

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