Spectacular king Gunther Fehlmann has died at the age of 84

The Businessman Gunther Feilmann died The founder of the German optical chain of the same name died on Wednesday 84 years At his residence in Lütjensee Schleswig-Holstein, Feilman's team announced Friday. He slept peacefully surrounded by his family.

“The thoughts of our more than 23,000 employees in Europe, Asia and the United States are with the relatives of Günter Fehlmann these days. Our deepest sympathies and condolences to his family, friends and colleagues. His -oriented approach philosophy, his creativity and his sense of vision will be remembered as a pioneer of ophthalmology, ” it continued.

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Fellman has transformed the glass business in Germany. Now almost every pedestrian zone has a branch of his optical chain. In total 977 branches At home and abroad, than 22,000 employees And 27 million customers and customers were counted by Feilmann AG at the end of March 2023 Annual sales More recently (2022) almost 1.8 billion euros.

After victory came country life

Feilman stepped down from the company in 2019 and handed it over to his son Mark. In addition to his entrepreneurial successes, Feilman is a… Natural farmer. Fellman bought and renovated Plan Castle; Opticians for the entire industry are trained there. Feilman made many donations to education, science and culture, ecology and nature conservation. He gave his employees shares in the company and planted a tree for each one every year.

Mark Binns, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Fellman Group, paid tribute to the deceased as “the entrepreneur and visionary of the century. With strategic vision, a clear focus on the needs of customers and an exemplary commitment to the common good, he influenced the German. The economy goes beyond the boundaries of optical optics and acoustics of hearing.

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