This app knows what is causing the cough

A new one Diagnostic-tool Want to help Tuberculosis basically Coughing sound to recognize. To achieve this, researchers America And Kenya One Smartphone-app was created. Based on the record of the cough, the application should classify whether it could be due to tuberculosis.

Useful despite the possibility of errors

Although the method is still there Prone to errorsTogether Initial assessment But it is still useful. This is how the app is authenticated 30 percent People with TB actually don't have the disease. were overall 33,000 arbitrary Huster as well as 1,200 forced cough processed. They came from 149 People suffering from tuberculosis and 46 People with other respiratory diseases.

At present, tuberculosis has to be treated with great difficulty Smear will be detected. Especially in Poor countries A screening tool can be used as an inexpensive, early identification option, even if it cannot replace traditional diagnosis. Study of “TBscreen” became In Scientific Advances Journal Published.

Other applications detect cough

By CoronaResearch is increasing in epidemiologic and diagnostic applications. For example, an app recognized in Europe is an Australian app.ResAppDx“. It can be used to diagnose Covid-19. However, it is not available for free to everyone. It can only be used with a code You can get it from a doctor, and use it.

ResAppDX is available on the Austrian Google Play Store and was last updated in May 2023

with “Covid-19 Sounds app“There is University of Cambridge It has also developed an app that detects corona based on breathing sounds. However, things changed from here 2020 The published trial version does nothing. The project is likely to be shelved, at least for now.

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Further Google It has integrated cough detection into its new Pixel smartphones. Since then Pixel 7 Authenticating the app”Digital Wellbeing“Do you cough or snore in your sleep? Although it doesn't provide an analysis of your cough, it does record how often you cough.

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