Start-up robs Heinz-Christian Strache of fees

Heinz-Christian Strauch (54) will probably have to deal with another defeat. The Ibiza video and the associated end of his illustrious political career took a heavy toll on the former FPÖ leader financially. The numerous legal proceedings resulted in high legal fees, which Strauch tried to cover with donations and his own funds.

Financial market regulator warns against companies

After ending his career in Austrian federal politics, the 54-year-old established himself as a management consultant. A Tyrolean start-up approached Strach and hired him to find investors for an online bank. Even a former top politician was able to do this. According to a report in “Kronen Zeitung”, various wealthy investors were interested in the company. Problem: The Financial Markets Authority (FMA) is also aware of the company and is now warning against working with the company.

Strauch seems to have fallen for a scam. As “Crone” reports, the start-up still owes the 54-year-old money for his consulting work. The former politician is yet to comment on the issue. However, Christoph Urbanek, a lawyer from Vienna, is open about the case. He represents ten injured investors who invested in online banking.

“My clients care about their investment.” It is unclear what happened to the millions in capital. “We demand that all expenses be disclosed. If this is absolutely impossible, we want a reversal,” says the lawyer. The founder of the company himself strongly defends himself against the charges and talks about a vicious smear campaign against his company.

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