Before ESC semi-finals: Demonstrations in Malmö against Israel’s appearance

Several thousand people took part in an anti-Israel march in the city of Malmö on Thursday, shortly before the start of the second semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest. And there: “Silver for the Future” icon Greta Thunberg.

Although the world’s largest singing competition has a fixed goal of “united by music”, significant divisions are opening up in the city’s society – Israel is also part of this year’s participants and enters the competition in the second semi-final. – This evening is final.

Before the ESC entourage actually arrived, there was a meeting in Malmö Demonstrations criticizing Israel Gin the sky

Demonstration against Israel’s ESC participation

There was also a demonstration on Thursday, the second semi-final day of the ESC.

Demonstrators marched through the city of Malmö – protesting against Israel’s participation in the ESC. They criticize the “double standards” of ESC organizers who excluded Russia from the competition two years ago but now allow Israel to participate.

The demonstration was organized by “Stoppa Israel”, a coalition of several associations. Thousands of people attended, including the “Silver for the Future” icon Greta Thunberg With Palestinian cloth.

The participation of Israel’s ESC candidate Edan Golan, singing his song “Hurricane”, will probably not prevent protests. However, it cannot be ruled out that there will be protests during their performances.

Before the start of the ESC, the usual promotional banners for the mega-event were seen in Malmö, but for a short time protest posters with a similar design were also seen. The word “Eurovision” was replaced by “genocide” and the slogan “Israel out of Eurovision or Eurovision out of Malmo” (“Israel out of the ESC or ESC out of Malmo”) was announced.

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Malmö will be “the epicenter of Europe”.

“Malmo will come next week It will be the focal point of Europe“Swedish anti-Semitism researcher Christer Matson predicted in an interview with dpa – and he’s probably right.

Several actions and demonstrations have been recorded throughout the week, and these days protests are also taking place in Dagvattenparken, opposite the Malmö Arena. The “Ship to Gaza”A ship that organizers actually want to break the Gaza blockade is now anchored in the port of Malmö and hosting events in support of the protests.

Protests expected on Saturday too – police ready

On Saturday, the final day, pro-Palestinian and pro-Israel demonstrations have been announced in the city center, with thousands of participants expected. At the same time, “Stoppa Israel” is planning a “Song Contest Without Genocide” entitled “FalastinVision”, which will be held in parallel with the ESC finals.

The policemen, who are conspicuously stationed all over the city, are suitably prepared Reinforcements from Denmark and Norway requested. The hall is guarded by snipers on the surrounding rooftops. “We are ready for anything,” Malmö police chief Petra Stenkula confidently told Reuters.

First semi-final: ESC in the shadow of politics

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