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Published on May 20, 2024, 11:04 am
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The picture on 5min.at shows people celebrating Pentecost in Lignano.


As much fun as Pentecostals in Lignano have, there are also some drawbacks. Emergency services had a lot to do on site.

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The Whitsun weekend is over and many of the party goers are heading home this Whit Monday. What remains is a large pile of debris and numerous properties are said to have been damaged.

“We’ve had to do more than we’ve done in a long time.”

Martin Macor, one of two Corinthian police officers on duty in Lignano. Said 5 Minutes: “We had to do more than we’ve done in a long time.” Obviously more noticeable this year is the many drug crimes, and not just cannabis.

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“People are more aggressive this year.”

And often there was property damage and bodily injury. “What I noticed was that this year people were more aggressive and easily irritated. “Even to the Italian colleagues,” says Magor, who is assisting the Carabinieri in Lignano on Pentecost for the fifth consecutive year. A proper police report is yet to be made.

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