Weakest weekday in New York: NASDAQ 100 falls late | 02/05/24

In the end, the NASDAQ 100 ended trading almost unchanged (down 0.17 percent) at 17,613.04 points. In early trade on Monday, the price was down 0.046 per cent at 17,634.69 points across the board, after the previous day's close of 17,642.73 points.

The NASDAQ 100 hit a high of 17,655.77 points today, while the index hit its lowest point of 17,469.62 points.

This is how the NASDAQ 100 evolves throughout the year

A month ago, on January 5, 2024, the NASDAQ 100 was at 16,305.98 points. Three months ago, NASDAQ trading was halted over the weekend. On the previous trading day, November 3, 2023, the NASDAQ 100 value was 15,099.49 points. A year ago, NASDAQ trading was halted over the weekend. The NASDAQ 100 was at 12,573.36 points on the previous trading day, February 3, 2023.

The index has already gained 6.46 percent since the start of 2024. The NASDAQ 100-year high is currently at 17,682.29 points. However, this year's low is 16,249.19 points.

Strong and Weakest Individual Stocks in the NASDAQ 100

Top stocks on the NASDAQ 100 are currently Semiconductor (+9.54 percent to $77.59), IDEXX Laboratories (+8.53 percent to $572.12), NVIDIA (+4.79 percent to $693.32), NXP Semiconductors (+2281 percent) +2.80 percent to $22.39). However, losers on the NASDAQ 100 included GLOBALFOUNDRIES (-6.70 percent to $51.57), Zscaler (-4.90 percent to $232.05), Charter A (-4.87 percent to $303.65), Enphase Energy (-3.89 percent to $99 Tesla) and -3.65 percent to $181.06. ).

Which NASDAQ 100 Stocks Have the Largest Market Capitalization?

Tesla shares currently have the largest trading volume on the NASDAQ 100. Most recently, 20,322,255 shares were traded on NASDAQ. Microsoft shares have the highest market cap on the NASDAQ 100. The market capitalization of the stock is 2,834 trillion. Euro.

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The fundamental metrics of the NASDAQ 100 stocks are in focus

Walgreens Boots Alliance shares have the lowest price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio of 6.89 this year among the NASDAQ 100, according to FactSet estimates. According to FactSet estimates, Walgreens Boots Alliance shares are expected to have a higher dividend yield of 6.72 percent in 2024.

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