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There really can’t be enough places dedicated to the delicious delights from Italy. At least when it comes to personal preferences of the Gault&Millau editorial team. These primarily include pizza – Neapolitan and Roman style – and cousin. The latter was not as established as its close relative in this country, but it was certainly well received. The biggest difference: Pinza contains not only wheat but also soy and rice flour. This will make the dough Soft inside And Crispy on the outside. It’s a fruitful combination that restaurateurs Anna-Maria Koval and Ilya Shumakov like to take advantage of. In their recently opened restaurant “Friends, BinzaAt Vienna Mariahilfe, the focus is on Roman Pinza, which is freshly baked and served with a variety of toppings.

From pop-ups to restaurants

Cowell and Shumakov realized that pop-ups were a staple of pop-ups and Glee’s//Garden food hall before they launched. Gumpendorfer Straße They have found the right place. “It was always our dream to open a permanent restaurant,” the owners say in an interview with Gault&Millau. “We currently have a high demand for delivery services, but the number of customers in the restaurant is also increasing,” says Ilya Shumakov. In addition to the red-tiled restaurant, there is also seating in the Shanigarden during warmer months.

Pinza with mortadella, truffle cream and gorgonzola

But now for the essentials: products from Italy and the emphasis is on homemade and self-pickled products. There’s an extra for starters like stracciatella di bufala with tomato jam (9 euros). A wide range of pinza variations, with and without tomato sauce: from the classic version with mozzarella di bufala and marinated cherry tomatoes (12 euros) to mortadella, truffle cream and pistachio (19 euros) to pinza with pears, gorgonzola, pine nuts and honey (19 euros, 17 euros) . Things get sweeter with maridozzi (3 euros), an Italian yeast pastry, cannoli (6 euros) and tiramisu (7 euros).

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