10,000 red-white-red cards by the end of the year

The ÖVP Tourism State Secretary is taking action to combat the shortage of skilled workers Susan Krause Winkler and WKÖ General Secretary Karlheinz is the president In Indonesia: Monday with the Indonesian Minister of Labour Aida Fauzia A “Memorandum of Understanding” will be signed, which is “intended to further intensify cooperation in the area of ​​qualified experts,” according to a press release.

Due to its young population and good level of training Indonesia Country is an important focus when collaborating with international experts. Other “countries of focus” are the Philippines (Here, for example, Vienna and Upper Austria concluded a treaty) Kosovo, Brazil and Albania.

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Minister of Labor and Economic Affairs Martin Couture It has already signed a “Memorandum of Understanding” (MoU) with Indonesia in 2022 to “promote consistent teaching quality” in the field of dual apprenticeships.

Kocher: “With the memorandum of understanding with Indonesia, which will be signed on Monday by State Secretary Krause-Winkler and WKÖ General Secretary Goff, we are taking another important step in international cooperation in the field of qualified experts.”

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The reform of the RWR card, which came into force in October 2022, has already achieved “significant, quantifiable improvements”. In the twelve months before the Reformation 5,381 cards Published in twelve consecutive months 7.860 – This corresponds to the surrounding increase 46 percentIt continues.

Already in the first four months of 2024 3,258 RWR cards provided. From today’s perspective, Minister Kochhar thinks it will be by the end of 2024 10,000 can be 2023 It was gross 8.079.

The minister’s target is to double the number of RWR cards by the end of 2027 (from 2023).

A third of the RWR cards issued in the first four months of the year were accounted for tourismwas Secretary of State Krauss-Winkler He finds it “happy”.

At the same time, the number of issued RWR cards regular employees has been increased fivefold. “This shows that Austria is valued as a working country and that many foreign workers have been working regularly in the tourism sector for many years.”

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Companies of all sizes and in all sectors are now suffering from labor shortages, he says WKÖ General Secretary President. Although the Chamber of Commerce is “aggressive” in increasing domestic capacity in the labor market, “because of the population, it is necessary to bring skilled workers from third countries to Austria,” he explains.

The RWR card is a successful tool, and “the continued increase in numbers speaks for itself.” Kopf continues to call for relief, so the number will increase in the coming years. “It’s the only way companies can maintain their productivity so we can maintain our prosperity.”

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