Austria’s handball players earn a ticket to the 2025 World Cup

Three days after a somewhat inconsistent performance in a 27:25 win in Tbilisi, Mykola Bilic and co. Living up to their role in Vienna, they defeated Georgia in the second leg of the play-off with 37:31 (21:17). )

Team boss Ales Bajovic’s ÖHB selection qualified for the eleventh major event since 2010. Croatia, Denmark and Norway (January 14 – February 2) draw for the finals in Zagreb on May 29. Austrian hurler wing Sebastian Frimmel scored 7 goals.

Veteran winger Robert Weber was honored for being selected in the all-star team of the historic European Championship in January (8th place), Austria once again had a tough time in the first half. An early 6:2 (9th) melted into 8:7 (13th), and in a high-scoring first half, the Georgians, represented in the final for the first time at the most recent European Championship, were always within striking distance. .

Throwing skills were clearly improved compared to Thursday and although Georgia goalkeeper Zurab Tsintsadze was not a big factor this time, the red-white-red were often unable to contain the dynamic attacks of the guests. Substitutes such as two-man goalkeeper Florian Kuiber or backcourt player Markus Maher were able to set the expected accents, and at the end of the first half they were again ahead by four goals.

Georgia, led by Giorgi Tskhovrebadze, delighted to score once again, could not fully shake off the restart, but found themselves five goals behind for the first time in the 39th minute (27:22). Austria’s victory was already apparent, but opportunities for a clear lead were repeatedly missed. Time came at the start of the last ten minutes. From 33:27, the Red-White-Red played their ticket to the World Cup, and the second line was able to give the players the game from the minutes.

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Austria – Georgia 37:31 (21:17)

Best ÖHB throwers: Frimmel 7, Hudecek 6, Bilic, Wagner 5.

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